"Amazing is an understatement!"

Small 39-Page Book Reveals Brand New Way For Essential Oil Users To Invigorate Their Health:
"Exceptionally Different Formula For Whipping Your Stubborn Health Problems Into Submission Until They Disappear Into Thin Air..."
(And why it's giving Big Pharma a run for its money).

"Amazing is an understatement!"

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"New Way Of Using Essential Oils To Ensure You And Those You Love Remain Strong & Healthy - Even During Times Of Medical Uncertainty..."

big pharma fears this one thing more than anything else

-Trevor Hartman

Amazon #1 Bestselling Author

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A new way to defeat major diseases, promote fast healing, and annihilate common, every-day health issues...

You diffuse them so your home feels just a little more cozy.

You're kids will ask you to open a bottle just to savor its sweet aroma.

And the particles "jump" right out... dispersing in the air...filling the entire room. Creating a spa-like environment...

And every time this happens, you feel... empowered.

But rubbing on any essential oil you feel like is not what's responsible for generating "mega-health transformations" you have witnessed from others.

Some have claimed miracles... "No more stomachaches ever!" Cured my migraines!" "Killed my arthritis." "Healed my back!"

Now, some of these may be exaggerations. For example, I rarely, if ever, say oils can "cure" something... BUT...

I have seen first hand how essential oils have regenerated health, and... amazingly... completely changed the lives of people... forever.
Thing is... when applied correctly... this formula will get you to achieve more than anything else you've likely ever been taught on "how to boost your health with essential oils..."

What I'm about to show you is based on REAL facts, scientific evidence, and just the downright truth!
Because armed with this unique formula, you can...
  • Heal your body with DOUBLE the speed when battling an infection, sickness, or any typical health problem...
  • Protect yourself from the deadliest and most common diseases (including cancer) so you never have to worry about falling deathly-ill...
  • Carry a 'new formula' to ensure your health is always at its prime by predictably tackling any problem that stands in your way (without toxic drugs holding your health hostage)

In fact, dozens of my customers have used this exact essential oil formula to finally put a halt to common conditions nagging at their health.

And while most of them use these secrets for stuff like that and just "little things" for their health in general...

    About Trevor Hartman
    About Trevor Hartman
    After a life-changing experience using essential oils to help kill his mom's arthritis for good...

    Trevor Hartman has since become a well-known and sought-after expert on using these tiny substances to transform the health and lives of others...

    Trevor is known as the oil expert other oil experts go to when even they need help.
    After a life-changing experience using essential oils to help kill his mom's arthritis for good...

    Trevor Hartman has since become a well-known and sought-after expert on using these tiny substances to transform the health and lives of others...

    Trevor is a #1 Best Selling Author and health coach whose work has been featured on several international publications.

    Some message me with miraculous healing stories most doctors claim are impossible...

    Hey, it's Trevor Hartman.

    I've been researching and publishing books on health for half a decade now. Along the way I've been helping dozens of essential oil "experts" and beginners alike use essential oils to achieve their health goals.

    All this time, it's made my blood boil to witness how Big Pharma decieves innocent people about their health and use them as milk cows for profit. That's why tens of millions of people around the globe are turning their backs against these greedy drug companies...

    And instead switching to essential oils to fuel their health and wellbeing.

    Now, the time has come to expose these drug companies for their corruption...

    We've learned the healing formula Big Pharma doesn't want you to know, and... sadly... 99% of the population don't have a single clue about.

    And here's why:

    Greedy Drug Companies Have Been Keeping Their Trade Secrets Hidden From The Public Eye For Over 75 Years... 

    It makes sense... They’re trying to protect their financial interests and, as such, they propagate the MYTH that “drugs and conventional medicine are the only way to heal and treat disease."

    But, as you may already know... essential oils can transform your health more than popping the best brand of pills on the market today.

    Maybe you've heard of some of these astounding, "can't believe it until I see it" health and healing transformations... but wonder... "How can I get THAT?"

    As you're about to discover, it all starts with a health-regenerating system designed to heal you on the cellular level... unlike synthetic drugs which only alleviate symptoms and sometimes the pain of the condition or disease.

    And the FDA gladly carries out Big Pharma's dirty work. This selfish governmental agency deliberately suppresses our First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

    They censor people like you and me who rightly express our honest experiences of using essential oils for our health.

    It's true...They only care about themselves, and... as such... do everything in their power to stop the rise of essential oils.

    That's why the essential oil industry has been forced to "go underground."

    Big Pharma and their horde of nasty lobbyists buy off the government. And thus, this formula has remained hidden from the general public...

    What Everyone Is Saying About "Essential Oil Secrets"
    "I LOVE this book..."

    Heather, Chicago, IL

    "I can't believe how much info you put in just 44 pages!"

    Shirley Viemien

    "This book is a perfect introduction to what you teach..."

    Charlie Adams

    "Best $9 I've ever spent... 
    "You wont find this ANYWHERE else..."

    Gabe Rogers, Kansas City, MO

    "Totally worth every penny..."

    Tara Wade, Dallas, TX

    "This is such an awesome book!!"

    Sherrie Towey, Fort Worth, TX

    "I can't wait to tell my friends about it!"

    Cynthia Adams, St. Louis, MO

    From Coast To Coast, This Little Book Is Changing Everything You Thought You Knew About Oils...

    "Every word was gold..."

    "Never heard this stuff before..."

    "Amazing is an understatement!"

    "Amazing is an understatement!"

    Donna Putmann, Penn Valley, CA

    Donna Putmann, Penn Valley, CA

    5 Essential Oil Secrets Being Hidden From You...
    And Why You'll Never Reach Your Health Goal Without Them!
    Whether you’re Googling typical essential oil “how-to recipes" or "tips & tricks"... 
    Hording suitcases of health books written by self-proclaimed ‘mom experts'... 
    Or even listening to all the so called "cure-this-disease" oils being peddled around the internet... 
    None of it… and I mean NONE OF IT will help a you understand how to maximize the benefits of essential oils... 
    Especially if you’re someone who hasn’t had much success with their healing power in the first place.
    (Not unless you realize the truth of what you’re about to discover in the following pages.)   
    But before we get there, here's the brutal truth:
    You need something different. 
    So, ​yes,​ I’m going to tell you things in this book you won’t hear anywhere else. 
    Stuff about essential oils the big companies aren’t willing to share with you. 
    Stuff... the "experts" don't even fully understand. And you'll see why in just a second.
    TRUTH #1: All the wishy-washy essential oil "voodoo" being flaunted around will never boost your health which isn't already giving you any noticeable results...
    TRUTH #2: And the hyped-up, super exaggerated 'healing stories' are simply NOT true… yeah... you just can't cure cancer by rubbing on some Frankincense... 
    TRUTH #3: And, finally… footing the bill on run-of-the-mill "DIY" projects and "aromatherapy" courses sold online will NOT give you the "thing" you're after...a repository filled to the brim with exciting healing powers…
    Fact is: The methods you’ll find divulged in this 39-page little book are scientifically proven to work. 
    Not because I say so. But because they've been tested over and over again - more than any other article you’ve likely ever read on "How To Use Essential Oils..."
    Yet, what you're about to read lays out these 5 secrets in more detail exactly what these essential oils are all about that can produce incredible, marvelous health benefits.
    But what you'll discover in this little book will change everything for you, your health, your family, and your life.
    "These 5 Essential Oil Secrets Will Change Your Life!"
    A brand new way to invigorate your health with essential oils is finally here...
    Let me ask you...

    What if you could radically stimulate essential oils by increasing their healing power by 200%...

    …Meaning any time you apply or inhale any essential oil of your choosing... your body instantly undergoes real changes... and actually heals itself...

    …So... instead of saturating your body with a total overload... you only need a few drops, and... to your excitement...

    Dissolve the issue quickly...and... as you continue using this unique process...

    Feel your energy, focus, and strength expand and push beyond normal limits...
    Watching as your health exponentially skyrockets over the next couple weeks...

    Isn't this exciting?! This is the 'formula' most of the experts are failing to teach you. (Quite frankly because most don't even know better themselves).

    But now I'm giving it away... and trust me... it works.

    The 5 Secrets I'll be breaking down and pulling open piece by piece...

    …All work in conjunction to proliferate the already incredible healing power of essential oils... DOUBLING their potency...

    Armed with these mega-boosted essential oils... you'll flood your body with hundreds of enhanced healing properties...

    Giving you the freedom to live life to the fullest... do whatever you want anytime you want... and ultimately have peace of mind without health concerns always knocking on your door.

    The best part is you'll live every day worry-free... confident that you and your family’s health is protected. Especially during these scary times.
    But you'll never experience any of it without these 5 Essential Oil Secrets.

    Two of them of so blatantly obvious... you'll be kicking yourself for not using them sooner.

    But at the end of the day, it's the synergistic effect of placing all 5 secrets into action that matters...

    I really wish I could have told you about this sooner...

    But finally... people are watching as their health soars to new heights.

    And the transformations people are experiencing already are… miraculous...
    Shirley Vieman, a 75-year-old grandmother suffering from severe arthritis in her knees, after using my SmartBlending Technique found in Secret #3... annihilated every ounce of inflammation and pain... saving her from being consumed by a potentially chronic disease in less than 90 days!

    Diane Hartman, my own mother, tapped into the power of Secret #1, which helped her fight off the asthma infecting both her lungs...without ever visiting the doctor or using prescription medicine! (In fact, she experienced INSTANT results).

    And Larkin Summa helped her patient, Clara, carefully battle leukemia... after months of a strict diet as well as using techniques from Secret #5... the deadly cancer was completely eradicated from her body... no chemo or radiation was ever used!
    It gives me goosebumps just thinking about how powerful these 5 secrets really are.

    Because now you hold in our hands the key to open a special vault... its contents found inside almost no one is talking about... and you can remove as much from it as you like... and...

    Live the best life you want.

    Get ready to discover the path to a surreal essential oil health transformation.

    This little book is where it all starts.
    "It's YOURS FOREVER" Guarantee!
    Listen, I'm so confident this book will bring new life to your essential oil journey that I'm willing to give you all your money back *plus* let you KEEP the book!...

    That's right. Take a FULL 30 days and see for yourself. If after 30 days, you're not THRILLED, send me 1 email and I'll immediately refund your purchase and still Let You Keep The Book For Free. No questions.
    Here's Just Some Of What You'll Find In Your Copy Of This Highly Fascinating New Book:
       The EO SECRETS Formula! --  the secret to becoming a master at using essential oils for your health is NOT which type of essential oil to use, rather it all comes down to this one "thing"... Pg. 1
       How you can jump from "newbie" to the go-to "expert oil celebrity" in your city in a matter of months and never feel doubtful or uncertain about your oil journey again! Pg.3
       Why all the sparkly "OIL 101" books, health "parties" and DIY recipes will never produce the results you want unless you understand how to use essential oils in "this" unique way... Page 3
       The powerful 'formula' we used with essential oils on mom's arthritic knees, which healed her to this day pain-FREE... and ended up CANCELING the doctor's surgery! Page 5
       Why the typical "aromatherapy" courses have little to teach you when it comes to using essential oils for a real health transformation. See page 6.
       The rarely understood secret (yet by far the most important) behind some of the most profound essential oil health transformations and miraculous healing testimonials you hear about online. (page 7)
       The key to a fast recovery from the flu...some sickness...or some disease... is the properly prescribed drug, right? WRONG! Flip to page 10 to learn why you never want to rely on "manmade" substances. And why oils are the best solution available.
       How "SMART" essential oils outperform even the most advanced drug, rigorously-tested medicine, or skilled doctor... Page 11
       The single key thing you MUST do if you want to heal your body on the cellular level... at the SOURCE... on YOUR VERY FIRST TRY (Pg. 12)
       Why everything you've been taught about health, wellness, and disease is actually exactly the opposite... even famous doctor Charles Paige, MD, proclaimed that "the cause of most disease is 'this'..." (HINT: It has nothing to do with aging, genetics, or a bad diet)... And only essential oils can reverse it! Go to page 13...
       Why sometimes inhaling essential oils by following this secret can INSTANTLY rid your pain, clear your mind, rejunvinate your body & bring about true healing... Pg. 15
       How to avoid being used as a milk cow for profit by stop purchasing FAKE, perhaps TOXIC, essential oils... So if you're one of the 97% that grab the "organic" or "therapeutic" bottles without a second thought… your "essential" oils could do more harm than good! Page 17.
       My #1 never-before-revealed secret of knowing with complete certainty if the quality of your essential oils live up to your company's claims... Pg. 18
       Understanding the 4 pillars of essential oils that can produce a vigorous health transformation as if drinking from the 'fountain of youth'... (Page 21).
       The one thing you MUST do to avoid the "Oil Flop" and your essential oils not providing the pain relief, energy support, or healing so many of the "experts" have promised. Page 25.
       How to use the SmartBlending Method to double, triple, even quadruple the (1) healing power, (2) theraputic benefits of essential oils. Pg. 26
       Use this unique process when using essential oils for any purpose -- home, body, mind, or spirit -- and your ability to bring about the epitome of wellness will skyrocket! (Pg. 27)
       Is your health governed by tips and trendy gimmicks that most people can easily Google? If so, then STOP! Instead, this "innovative health approach" will create a life that is grand, filled to the brim with happiness and joy... with the best health you've experienced in years... but it requires more than going to the internet for help... Page 29
       How to wake up in the mornings feeling excited and joyfull... live every day without stress creeping in and say good-bye to arriving home energy-drained after a long day of work... I call it the "abundance-oil-driven" lifestyle... it will change your life! (Page 31)
       How to use essential oils in such a powerful yet simple process that... you can protect yourself from cancer?! See page 33.
       The 'microscopic secret' which allows essential oils to tackle disease from a unique angle that no other substance can on the planet! (Pg. 35)
       This specific essential oil compound delivers a "double-pounch" by both oxgenating the body and reprogaming damged cellular DNA...which is especially useful when your body is fighting off a disease, bacertia, or virus... but it's only found in an exclusive family of essential oils... Pg. 37
       Simply 'layer' your essential oils -- blend them together in 'this' specific  order -- and it gurantees to optimize their potency... And you'll no longer have any doubts again in your essential oil power-weilding ability! (Pg. 38)
       Are you ever in pain? Do you experience stress and anxiety? Ever find yourself getting sick more often than your family? If yes, then you'll be thrilled when you discover the exact 'secret blending combination' I use, which sometimes produce an instant healing with only 1 application of essential oils! (Pg. 38)
       ... and much, MUCH MORE!
    Oh Yeah, I Almost Forgot To Mention The Added BONUS Chapter...
    BONUS CHAPTER: Four Fast & Fabulous Oil Uses! You're definitely going to be excited to read this short (but value-filled) chapter if you have any questions about oil safety, usage guidelines, and real-world examples! Discover numerous ways to use the 4 most popular essential oils... likely ones you already own...
       The safety guideline you should always follow when using your oils
       How to know when to use oils topically, orally, or aromatically
       The 4 most popular (and surprisingly inexpensive) oils
       Over 15 fun ways to use these powerful oils for your health
       Diffusing combos, health-boosting examples, home detoxifying recipes, and SO MUCH MORE!!!
    "It's YOURS FOREVER" Guarantee!
    Listen, I'm so confident this book will bring new life to your essential oil journey that I'm willing to give all your money back *plus* let you KEEP the book! That's right!

    Take a FULL 30 days and see for yourself. If after 30 days, you're not THRILLED, send me 1 email and I'll immediately refund your purchase and still Let You Keep The Book For Free. No questions.


    Get THREE Special Bonuses (Valued At $365)
    Absolutely FREE!

    These next three bonuses I almost didn't include because they could be entire products themselves...

    In fact, I've personally helped dozens of families... whether it's achieving a major health goal or just living a happier, stress-free, and empowered life using these exact techniques.

    But I want you to have EVERY advantage to accelerate your learning curve and make your journey flawless.

    Plus, I want you to know that I care a LOT about helping people. My passion is to create products that transform lives. So I promise you I'll deliver more value than any other overrated essential oil program.

    That's why I'm giving you these next THREE special bonuses (valued at $365) absolutely FREE for grabbing your copy of my $9 book today.

    FREE BONUS #1: Home Detoxification Secrets w/ S.B. Protocol ($19 Value)

    This guide lays out in precise detail the exact done-for-you "S.B" Protocol I use to replace the worst household chemicals...

    And lists our specific diffusing combinations I rely on to keep my home detoxified and smelling wonderful.

    These recipes are NOT standard oil combos you'll see in typical DIY programs.

    You see, I chose specific oils...uniquely blended together... to produce maximum results.

    • Purify your home so it smells heavenly 24/7
    • Stop infecting the air with scented candles and toxic Febreze by using these essential oils instead
    • Annihilate hordes of harmful chemicals and dangerous pathogens which are invading every single space they can
    • Detoxify and rid your home of 99.99% of airborne viruses & bacteria in just minutes
    • Kick out dozens of toxic chemicals contribuing to your health problems and bad air quality
    • Reduce chemical (and carcinogenic) exposure for you, your spouce, and your children
    • And protect your family from lots of unwanted health issues...

    You can finally expereince the joy and fulfillment of living the abundant, chemical-free life!

    *Yours To Keep Absolutely FREE!

    Retails $19  |  FREE

    *Yours To Keep Absolutely FREE!

    Retails $197  |  FREE

    FREE BONUS #2: Emotional  Abundance - The 5-Minute "Priming Ritual" To Reduce Stress, Anexiety, & Even Depression... Until It's Just A Blip On Your Radar Screen ($197 Value)

    Whether it's chronic depression or every-day stress, more Americans are in 'emotional turmoil' than ever before!

    That's why, aside from supporting our general health, the second most common reason for purchasing essential oils is to uplift our emotions...

    That's because essential oils can magnify our mood by triggering a frenzy of 'feel good' chemicals to release in the brain...

    Stripping away stress, anxiety, and even depression until it's just a drop in the bucket.

    What I'm giving you is much more than just a typical example of "How to use Frankincense for stress."

    This exclusive recording was only handed to those who attended my Breakthrough Health Seminar... and paid upwards of $200 to attend!

    And this recording, which I'm giving you for FREE, reveals my "Priming Ritual" I perform in the mornings so I can peel off every last layer of stress, anxiety, or whatever is holding me back...

    And execute my day-to-day with sniper-focused thinking... Becoming the best version of "me" that I can.

    "But how does this 'priming ritual' work for me?" you might ask.

    If you're struggling with the overbearing weight of pure exhaustion you drag with you from one long day to the next...

    If you're constantly battling a frenzy of stress-releasing hormones...

    If you come home after a long day's work, your body drained of energy...

    Or, if you're a busy parent, always rushing your kids to events, feeling like you have no time in the world...

    Simply perform my "Priming Ritual" every morning for just 5 minutes a day, I GUARANTEE all those problems will be wiped off the map.

    Every ounce of stress, anxiety, depression, and so much more... reduced to a speck.

    The best part is it doesn't take any longer than 5 minutes... so no matter how hectic your busy schedule may be, you can sacrifice just a few minutes of your morning.

    Trust me, it's defintely worth it. What the 'Priming Ritual' can do for you could change your life forever...

    Yes, your life!

    You'll feel more grateful and happy each and every day...
    You'll be less stressed out and less anxious the more you perform the ritual...

    And for the first time in a long time, you'll know what it's like to stand on Cloud 9...

    Living every day in happiness, bliss, joy, gratefulness, love, passion, and abundance.

    Even if you're already living a comfortable life...

    This 5-minute ritual is KEY to multiplying your happiness, your joy, and your inner 'brain strength' to a degree you haven't known for years.

    Here's my favorite part about it:

    This simple exercise only requires 1 essential oil... and any type of oil will work.

    Listen, if you live a perfect life without the stress of balancing work and family... if you never have to worry about your health or finances... and life just seems to always fall perfectly in your lap...

    Then this special bonus won't help you much.

    But any busy working American who wants to...

    • Live a more fulfilling life...
    • Breathe happiness, inner power, and abundance like pure ocean-fresh air...
    • Wake up in the mornings excited and upbeat about life, without stress, anxiety, or depression creeping in...
    • Unleash a flood of 'Energizer Bunny' hormones in your brain to reverse the 'side effects' of bad sleep
    • Grab anxiety by the throat and toss it out the front door... restricting it from ever 'trespassing' again...
    • Hone in on your hottest "emotional triggers"  to annihilate legions of unwanted anxiety-spawning brain chemicals...
    • Never let the "little things in life" push you down again by running every day with abundance right at your side...
    • Slam into an unexpected brick wall ruining the rest of your day? NO MORE!! Now you can harness your emotional "hardhat" and transform your problems into blessings in disguise...
    • Life is too short to be miserable... Flush your stress, anxiety, disappointment, worry, anger, and grief down the drain for good!
    • Even if life never seems to work in your favor... use this unique brain-training technique and never have another bad day again!

    Then this special bonus will be a complete game-changer for you.

    It can -- and it will -- change your life. I promise.

    FREE BONUS #3: The Powerful "Oil Trio" That Could Be The KEY To Replacing Your Medicine Cabinet Indefinetly ($149 Value)

    "If you could only carry 3 oils with you at all time, what would they be?"

    This question was asked by a customer who didn't have much money...

    She wanted to know the most effective oils that could be used universally, yet were still within her budget.

    She said her 15 mL bottles run out about every four months... and couldn't spend spend more than $40-$50 during that time frame...

    That gives her less than $10/month on oils...

    I knew this would be tough... but after a lot of experimentation and trial and error, I finally cracked the code...

    Yet what I discovered was more shockingly powerful than I what I ever expected:

    *Yours To Keep Absolutely FREE!

    Retails $149  |  FREE

    This powerful "oil trio" is not only good on the go, but could, in itself, replace an entire medicine cabinet!

    I know. Sounds like a bit much. But how it works is simple:

    By incorporating my special oil combo technique, you can acutally enhance the healing power of these oils since their theraputic properties naturally complement one another...

    On this 30 minute exclusive phone call, I spill all the secrets of how you can potentially replace your medicine cabinet (not including prescriptions) with just 3 essential oils... and spend no more than a few bucks per month!

    While I'm not promising you won't ever use medicine again... I do promise that you can live a fuller life by reducing the intake of these nasty little pills.

    You'll learn eye-opening, crazy stuff... everything from knowing when it's safe to use oils… and knowing when you should rely on medicine or a doctor's visit...

    • How to reduce moderate fever (without soaking your body in a pure cold, bitter ice bath or using other traditional, unpleasant methods)...
    • The cure for insominia... this unique oil application works most of the time, with customers reporting the best sleep they've had in years...
    • The 2 oils which are diahreea's worst nightmare! Rub them "here" and "there" to experience the fastest results...
    • How to 'disinfect' and fix a sore/scratchy throat FAST! (Understand this one thing and you may never suffer from this kind of problem again)...
    • Why 'this' powerful essential oil supplies you with mega 'allergen repelent'... and sometimes, for some people, they'll stop using their allergy meds altogether...
    • How to use each essential oil as a substitute for major over-the-counter meds, such as ibuprofen, Tylneol, Advil, and more...
    • And many more of my favorite protocols, including: battling a runny nose; fighing off headaces; addressing minor pains, sore muscles & minor burns; giving relief for an upset stomach; stopping itchiness; repelling sickness; and defending yourself from 'nasty invaders'...

    And much, much more...

    It's yours right now... FREE!

    My 'Guilty Pleasure' Bonus-Bundle
    OFF-THE-WALL Guarantee!

    On top of my "It's YOURS FOREVER Guarantee," I'm throwing in an additional 'guilty pleasure' that's practically irresistible...

    BE AWARE: This runs you the risk of being unethical and "stealing" buckets of time and money from me. That's because...

    If for some crazy reason you're not Heads-Over-Heals ECSTATIC about the slam-dunk results you'll experience when you impliment these strategies, then I'll STILL Refund Every Penny, Let You KEEP The Book And Bonuses...

    AND I'll Send You A PERSONALIZED "Free Product" Link that you can use to claim any one of my high-end flagship programs for FREE to make up for any lost time or dissapoinment you may have experienced...

    No Questions At All. So, please, be ethical, but also know I'm 100% invested in YOU. That's why I'm so confident you'll be blown away at your results!

     Hurry, Time is CRUCIAL! Keep Reading...
    For less than the cost of Lavender, you can possess the only resource that separates the facts and the myths. The only thing that lays down the facts and gives you certainty on which oils to trust.

    Quite frankly, you'll never have to ask yourself, "What oil do I use," and instead know the five truths of creating an amazing lifestyle around these amazing little substances.
    There Are No Strings Attached!
    I know there are some books out there that talk a lot of fluff because even they don't understand essential oils. Or maybe they give you some cool facts, but the author selfishly decides to shove their own "oil line" down your throat...

    Or even worse... the pages are just plain boring... crammed with typical essential oil recipes and protocols that you could have easily just Googled...
    This Isn't One Of Them.
    Fact is: The vast majority of people who own oils have NO clue how to use them... And many may mistaken a true oil for a bad one - an adulterated, modified one - which could potentially be dangerous.
    That's why you should know The Real Truth - how oils really work and how to use them right.
    So, here's the real reason you need to know these hidden truths:

    1. Their keeping these 'secrets' from you for a reason. Not because they're not known. But because you'll be more empowered as a an oil expert than ever before.
    2. Because (unlike what "the guru's" have said) you don't need to be a regiestered aromatherpist or scientist to use oils… so because of that, you have to understand these five truths if you want to truly utilize these to the maximum for your health and family.
    3. It will be your only opportunity to read the most eye-opening health book you ever put your hands on, and when you see how much knowledge and insight you gain, you'll be so stunned your entire perspective will change.
    4. It's the first step to becoming a TRUE Essential Oil Expert... Why? Because this book is literally taking years of our experience and education and hardwiring it in your brain. All you do is read the book. That's it! You'll know everything that there is - everything you need to make your essential oil journey flawless.

    5. I'm hoping you'll be so blown away with value, you'll feel compelled to invest in my advanced online workshops down the road...which will radically transform your health and life, btw! 
    Time Is of the Essence...Take Action TODAY!!
    Time is of the Essence. This is a LIMITED OFFER at this price.

    I'll eventually scrap the bonuses from this page, bundle them and the book as one... and up the price, at least 10x...
    That's because the book and bonuses combined are worth at least a few hundred dollars. 

    But since I want you to have unlimited potential, I'm keeping all the bonuses and the ridiculously low book price... for now.

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    I hope you're as excited as I am. This is where it all starts.
    Here's A Recap of EVERYTHING You're Getting Today:



    ($365 Total Value)

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    About Trevor Hartman
    After a life-changing experience of using essential oils to help his mother kill her arthritis and save his grandma from knee surgery...

    Trevor quickly became a well-known and highly sought-after expert in essential oils - using them to detoxify people's homes and transform their health and their lives.

    His passion is simple: helping others live a chemical-free and healthy lifestyle around essential oils.

    As only 1 out of a handful of people in the world to be trained in AEP (Anointed Emotional Release) Diane (Trevor's awesome mom) and Trevor make the perfect team. Together they are called the "oil experts OF the experts."
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